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Fighting back and calling for help are two things bad guys don’t want. This lipstick alarm sets off easily and gives you the attention-getting sound you want when under attack.


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Lipstick Personal Alarm looks just like a tube of lipstick but sounds a 90dB alarm loud enough to be heard by anyone close by. Just pull the top up and the powerful alarm will sound. To turn off the alarm, push back down.

Lipstick Personal Alarm Features:

  • Scare Off an Attacker: The 90dB alarm is loud enough to be heard by anyone nearby.
  • Easy to Operate: Simply lift the top to sound the alarm.
  • Convenient: Looks just like a tube of lipstick, so it's easy to carry in your purse, hand, book bag, or brief case.
  • Ready to go: Comes with three LR44 button cell batteries installed.
  • Available in 2 colors: Black or Pink

This stylish black personal lipstick alarm is ideal for students, joggers, senior citizens, night shift workers, and anyone else you can think of. Put it in your purse, pocket or book bag.

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