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What is Independent Affiliate and what’s in it for you?

Do you love social media?
Can you copy and paste a link?
That’s all that’s to it.
The more you post, the more earrings potential you have.

  • Join for FREE
  • No Auto-ships
  • No monthly sales minimums
  • No monthly website fees
  • Free replicated website
  • Free online sales dashboard
  • Marketing creatives/graphics
  • Landing Page links
  • Down-line earnings
  • 120 days for cookies (how long your link is good after posting)



 Our dummy proof custom built social media tools will help you achieve the best results possible. 

Have your own email marketing list already? Great! Show off your own Affiliate link in your emails easily! Post and share anywhere you have social media accounts, blogs, pages, websites, etc. Grow your own team and earn a % off their sales as well. You will earn 20% -30% on all your personal sales (depends on product sold), and 10 % on any Affiliate sales that join under you.  If they get someone to join, you also earn 5% of those sales. No funny MLM games, no fancy graphs or confusing commission charts to figure out. Just what you earn upfront, plain and simple.

Sell some of the best self defense products. Try it out today-it’s FREE! Come see why our Affiliate sales opportunity selling self defense products online,direct sales, is the newest and best affiliate program.

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